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Sweltering, humid days have run amok in Minnesota this summer. Yesterday was, I think, the only beautiful day we’ve had since May, perfect for our Bon Voyage party. Of course, we planned it that way.

About a month ago, I read a book called The Language of Flowers. The 13-year-old whom I nanny has since been fascinated by the symbolism assigned each flower, and we’ve Googled hundreds of flower meanings. Yesterday, we were very intentional about the flowers we displayed.

Chrysanthemums: optimism
Protea: diversity, courage and transformation
Stock: happy and content life
Zinnia: absent friends

More zinnia, for absent friends
We also had cyclamen, which means good bye.

Very fitting, huh?

Thanks to all who expressed well wishes and came to say farewell. We’ll miss you, and we’ll see you in a year!


Next Step

I (finally) turned in my keys to SPCS today. Such a bittersweet move. It officially ends my time at SPCS (except for one last board meeting, but that barely counts). Walking out of the school today brought on an avalanche of emotions, and I almost went down in a tizzy.

I am so anxious about the teacher who will replace me. It’s easy to say that it’s not my concern anymore, but these are my children we’re talking about. I clearly have some possession issues.

I am also anxious about the newness of everything that awaits us.

I am damn excited to embrace that newness.

I am curious what it will be like to find my place in my new school.

I am overwhelmed with the amount of selling, packing and shipping we have left to do. I have to admit, it is so liberating to release myself from all of the junk (sentimental or not) that I have accumulated over 27 years. (Yes, I finally threw away my middle school-era notebooks filled with notes from friends. No, I did not toss all of my notes from my college courses. Some things need to stay.)

I am enjoying the time with people I care about and will miss. I am freaking out that I only have 5 weeks left and have not spent enough QT with some people.

I am optimistic about the next two years, day dreaming about what daily life will be like in Cairo.

The currents of emotions are pulling me in so many directions, and it’s hard to believe that I can’t just get lost in them. I still have more packing and purging to go, and a garage sale to have!

**A special thanks to Ben, who does much of the brunt work while I am nannying during the day. I would have drowned in the swirlings of this move long ago without him.

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