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The Good Thing


Cypriot coffee

In anticipation of our three-day weekend at the end of March, some friends and I threw around a few ideas of places we could explore. Ten days prior, Sheila suggested Cyprus — and we bought tickets that day.

Our first night, we meandered down the promenade for some local Cypriot fare — tavas for the meat-eaters amongst us, and “Giant Beans” for the veg, paired with REAL FETA CHEESE and a bottle of red wine. Delicious. The adorable old men serving us brought traditional dessert, on the house. A pastry made of honey, semolina, and almond, it translates from Greek to “the good thing” in English. And it was.

It was a fitting precursor for the entire quick jaunt around the self-proclaimed “Whore of the Mediterranean”, because the weekend was indeed a good thing.

It only takes about an hour and a half to fly from Cairo from Larnaca, but it feels like being transported to a completely different world. Clean streets, fresh air, mountains and the sea — it was perfection.

2014-03-29 16.32.43

Promenade in Paphos


Gal pals

Our time was limited, but the island is fairly small, so we made the most of it. We traveled to most of the major cities in Cyprus, including the capital Nicosia, where the people-watching was hands-down the best.

The Northern half of the country is occupied by Turkey, and in Nicosia, the borders are now open and you can walk across to the Turkish side.


Mosque on the Turkish side

2014-03-28 15.52.45

A courtyard surrounded by local artisans’ shops and cafes

2014-03-28 15.21.30

The handicrafts are all “Made in Hand”


Katie and Nicole, photo by Sheila


Men playing backgammon, a common site captured by the super stealthy Nicole


Birdsong echoed through the streets on the Turkish side



Unlike most of my trips, we did very little research ahead of time, and for the most part we just wandered and decided to stop wherever we fancied. Driving along the coast, we pulled over if we liked the view or a name on a street sign. We spent hours lingering over meals, people watched something fierce, and walked and walked.

Whore of the Med

The Mediterranean meets the sky.



Based on my outfit choice of the day, I was relegated to photographer rather than jumper.

Tree lined street

Driving on the left side of the tree-lined streets


Aphrodite’s mythological birthplace — the rock where she emerged from the foam of the sea

2014-03-29 17.43.17

Nicole channeling her inner Ariel.



Friends forever


Photos by Sheila










After a three-hour lunch, with prime people-watching by the sea



We attempted to visit wineries in the mountains, but most were closed. Instead, we enjoyed the winding mountain roads and cobblestone pathways leading from one village store to the next. 


Mountain village











We pulled into the airport parking lot sucking on fumes. A sign of a weekend well-spent. 

Glamour shots



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