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Aloha nui loa

I hadn’t seen my sister for 860 days. So when I got my job in Bali, I knew I wanted to fly from my corner of the Pacific to hers. (Admittedly, I was ignorant at just exactly how far apart our islands are. It is just as far from Bali to Hawai’i as it is from Egypt to Minnesota.)

She greeted me at the airport with hazelnut coffee, a beautiful lei, and my two favorite boys in the whole entire world. She knows the way to my heart.IMG_20150111_225615

I am so lucky that my holiday break allowed for 18 days of family time. Days watching scooter and skateboard tricks. Days solving puzzle after puzzle (and after awhile, only the same Scooby puzzle). Days building Legos, learning about Minecraft, snuggling. Days smothering these boys with love.

2014-12-25 07.13.10

Christmas morning. Riley’s pumped because he can Skype on his new tablet

2014-12-27 17.37.35

2014-12-28 13.06.12

2014-12-26 13.20.25We also spent some time checking out Oahu’s finest locales. A few hikes, a few waterfalls, a few orders of shaved ice. I’m a convert — Hawaiians serve shaved ice with a scoop of ice cream in the bottom. Yum yum.

2014-12-28 13.20.33

Andy, Ellen, Riley, and Alex, heading to Waimea Falls

2014-12-28 12.50.05

Just the boys

2014-12-28 13.34.24

Andy and the boys swimming to the falls

2014-12-28 13.22.55

Beautiful sissa

2015-01-02 09.58.10

Contrary to the looks on their faces, they did actually enjoy checking out Pearl Harbor. Here they are standing where the peace treaty was signed on the USS Missouri.

2015-01-02 12.34.00

Loving the submarine

2015-01-07 16.38.37

We missed Ellie when she was at work, and I am so grateful Andy was willing to go on adventures.


More hiking, more waterfalls

2014-12-31 12.11.59

Monkey boy


We stopped to watch the migrating humpback whales here for awhile. It was insanely cool.









I left with my heart bursting. I loved watching Ellen and Andy parent, loved random hugs from the boys, loved my time with my sister. It was a merry Christmas indeed.

2015-01-08 18.08.45



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